Competitive Bidding

BALTIMORE — Bidding started in October 2009, payments were announced July 1, 2010, and this afternoon, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services released the list of providers who have... Read more >
Medicare's competitive bidding program for DMEPOS is scheduled to begin Jan. 1, 2011, in nine of the largest metropolitan areas in the country. According to the American Association for Homecare, the... Read more >
In December of 2003 — the same month that competitive bidding was signed into law — HomeCare published our Forecast Survey of providers for 2004. In that year, aggregate results showed... Read more >
With the go-live date for the "competitive" bidding program in nine areas across the country fast approaching, attention to this controversial program is growing in Congress. At press time, CMS had... Read more >
Karen Lerner went to Washington Sept. 15 to talk about competitive bidding — from the HME side. "My goal is to explain why this competitive bidding program — as designed by CMS —... Read more >
After adjourning for the elections, Congress will return to Washington in mid-November for a lame duck session. During this time, legislators are likely to move on some “must-pass” pieces... Read more >
As many of you know, I have an opinion about everything. Heck, that's what most consultants are all about. I thought I could stay quiet about competitive bidding, but that is not the case. Working... Read more >
The first comprehensive study of the impact of HME "competitive" bidding on Medicare beneficiaries has been completed by a respected actuarial firm in Washington, D.C. Among the conclusions: Medicare... Read more >
BALTIMORE — CMS has released a competitive bidding fact sheet for referral agents advising that when the program begins in January 2011, beneficiaries located in the nine CBAs must obtain bid... Read more >
With jobs and the economy consistently ranking as the most important issue across the country, members of Congress are responding to the message that the so-called “competitive” bid... Read more >
Turning back the "competitive" bidding program has been the top legislative priority for AAHomecare for years, and we're proud of the strong support in Congress for H.R. 3790, the bipartisan bill to... Read more >
Home medical equipment providers had been waiting for weeks on CMS to release the Round 1 rebid rates. But after they heard the July 1 announcement, many said they were struggling to regroup:... Read more >
AAHomecare has learned that CMS is likely to announce "winning" bids for the Medicare competitive bidding program on June 25. Inside Health Policy, a regulatory newsletter, is also reporting that CMS... Read more >
WASHINGTON — The Texas Alliance for Home Care Services and a Dallas provider filed a lawsuit today against the Department of Health and Human Services and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid... Read more >
Sweeping health care reform legislation was signed into law in March, including a provision to expand and speed up Round 2 of Medicare's "competitive" bidding program for home medical equipment.... Read more >