Competitive Bidding

Home medical equipment providers had been waiting for weeks on CMS to release the Round 1 rebid rates. But after they heard the July 1 announcement, many said they were struggling to regroup:... Read more >
Turning back the "competitive" bidding program has been the top legislative priority for AAHomecare for years, and we're proud of the strong support in Congress for H.R. 3790, the bipartisan bill to... Read more >
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Sweeping health care reform legislation was signed into law in March, including a provision to expand and speed up Round 2 of Medicare's "competitive" bidding program for home medical equipment.... Read more >
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Leaders at the American Association for Homecare's Washington Legislative Conference March 1-3 told attendees that getting the industry's message out on competitive bidding was up to them. "You have... Read more >
We have a time-limited opportunity over the next weeks to get rid of what we now call the "suicide bidding" program (what has traditionally been misnamed "competitive bidding"). With the January 2011... Read more >
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IRVING, Texas — H.R. 3790, the bill that would stop DMEPOS competitive bidding, has gotten a big boost from the 49,000-member American Association for Respiratory Care, which recently announced... Read more >
My message this month is short and simple: Call your representative and ask for his or her support of H.R. 3790 to repeal competitive bidding. If your representative's name is not on this list (... Read more >
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