Learn about the current status of these technology offerings and how to make them more accessible, functional and available to all.

As the population grows older, aging in place becomes more critical to patients, families and caregivers. A wide range of technologies are now available to help people stay in their homes longer. This webinar will examine the current status of these technology offerings—and it will examine the opportunity to improve on those offerings, making them more accessible, functional and available to all.

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Laurie M. Orlov
Laurie M. Orlov
Aging in Place Technology Watch

Laurie M. Orlov is a tech industry veteran, writer, speaker, and elder care advocate, as well as the founder of Aging in Place Technology Watch. The Technology Watch conducts market research, studies trends, provides blogs and thought leadership reports with analysis and guidance about technologies and services that enable seniors to remain longer in their home of choice. In her previous career, she spent many years in the technology industry, including nine years at analyst firm Forrester Research. She has spoken regularly and delivered keynote speeches at forums, industry consortia, conferences, and symposia, and she advises large organizations as well as non-profits and entrepreneurs about trends and opportunities in the age-related technology market.