Telemedicine: Take a Lesson From Retail to Improve Patient Adoption
The healthcare industry seems aligned in the belief that now really is the time for telemedicine to take hold in the provider-to-patient realm. (Christine Smalley/MedCity News)

When Wounds Won’t Heal, Therapies Spread—to the Tune Of $5 Billion
The doctors who care for the 6.5 million patients with chronic wounds know the depths of their struggles. Their open, festering wounds don’t heal for months and sometimes years, leaving bare bones and tendons that evoke disgust even among their closest relatives. (Marisa Taylor/Kaiser Healh News)

These are the 'Bad Guys' Who Can Help You Take Away an Elderly Driver's Keys
As an attorney specializing in elder law, Jerry Rothkoff sees many adult children at their wits’ ends about their parents’ driving. It’s “devastating” for a parent to lose the ability to drive, he said, but also terrifying to know your parent is a danger on the road. (Stacey Burling/Philadelphia Inquirer)

Counting on Medicaid to Avoid Life in a Nursing Home? That’s Now Up to Congress.
States can choose whether to offer Medicaid services at home, but nursing home coverage, which is more expensive, is a required benefit. Optional benefits like home services would likely be first to go if states face budget troubles, the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP) warned in an analysis in May. (Susan Jaffe/Kaiser Health News)

Home Health Stocks Tank in Wake of Potential $950 Million Payment Cut
Home health care providers are on edge after the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) issued a proposal Tuesday to overhaul the Medicare payment system, with major restructuring changes that could result in a payment cut of $950 million to home health care agencies in 2019. (Amy Baxter/Home Health Care News)