‘No One Is Coming’: Hospice Patients Abandoned At Death’s Door
The hospice care that people expect—and sign up for—sometimes disappears when they need it most. Families across the country, from Alaska to Appalachia, have called for help in times of crisis and been met with delays, no-shows and unanswered calls, a Kaiser Health News investigation shows. (JoNel Aleccia and Melissa Bailey/Kaiser Health News)

CMS to Ease Physician Burden, Give More Patient Time
The Trump administration wants to give doctors more time with patients by rolling back the regulatory requirements foisted on physicians over the years. (Shannon Firth/MedPage Today)

Low-value Care Persists Five Years into Choosing Wisely Campaign
The Choosing Wisely campaign, which launched five years ago, hasn't curbed the widespread use of low-value services even as physicians and health systems make big investments in the effort, a new report found. (Maria Castellucci/Modern Healthcare)

Seniors in Puerto Rico Face Appalling Conditions After Hurricane Maria
Older adults are among the most vulnerable to ongoing shortages of fresh food, medical care, prescription drugs, sanitation services, transportation, ice and electricity. (Lisa Esposito/U.S. News & World Report)

Screening for Diabetes Is Working Better Than Thought
This new measure used the American Diabetes Association's diagnostic criteria, which recommends that people with one positive fasting blood glucose or A1C test should have a second test to confirm a diagnosis in all but the most severe and obvious cases of Type 2 diabetes. (Kathrine Hobson/NPR Health Shots)