PHOENIX (August 17, 2016)—The Arizona Medical Equipment Suppliers Association (AZMESA) announced on August 11, 2016 it is taking the opportunity to build on six consecutive years of membership growth, including growth in 2016, to transition to Southwest Medical Equipment Suppliers Association (SWMESA), effective September 1, 2016.

“This is an exciting change that allows our association to position ourselves to provide the information, education, networking and online presence that members in today’s ever-changing HME world will need to succeed going forward,” said Rose Schafhauser, executive director, AZMESA/SWMESA. “In the HME climate we are operating in it is critical we are prepared as an association to move in a direction that allows us to expand our horizons when opportunities arise.”

She continued,“Even though AZMESA has experienced membership growth for six consecutive years, including 2016, we need to be stronger in our advocacy efforts, our information sharing techniques, our networking abilities and our educational offerings. And this change will allow us to bring that to members in Arizona and across the Southwest.”

AZMESA currently represents 44 companies in Arizona with 85 member contacts and is continuing to work its way to the next level of size and action. “We are getting there” said Schafhauser, “at 44 members we are still a small association, but we are seeing more and more interest and recognition here in Southwest from providers who are still telling us they did not know we were here. We still have work to do and we are aggressively moving to attract a larger number of suppliers in the Southwest.”

The Southwest Medical Equipment Suppliers Association (SWMESA) will kick off September 1 with a new website ( and new email address (

For more information or to join in this exciting change, please contact the AZMESA/SWMESA office at: 651-439-2944.

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