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What’s new in this year’s 21st Edition Clinical Procedure Manual

Who We Are

The Visiting Nurse Associations of America (VNAA) is the leading voice for nonprofit, home health, hospice and palliative care organizations. Founded in Denver, Colorado, in 1983 and now based in Washington, DC, VNAA is a national industry association that supports, promotes and advocates for community-based, nonprofit home-based care providers who care for all individuals, especially the elderly and individuals with disabilities.

For more than 35 years, VNAA has been at the forefront of efforts to promote and develop industry standards for clinical practice. VNAA is pleased to present the latest edition of the award-winning Clinical Procedure Manual (CPM), a staple for home-based care agencies committed to ensuring high-quality care for each patient at every visit. This invaluable resource ensures that clinical procedures, the backbone of clinical practice, are performed in a consistent, reliable way by each provider, at each visit, to give patients confidence that they are receiving consistent care.

The 21st Edition CPM provides therapists, home health nurses and other clinical personnel with streamlined access to critical information and procedures. This gives patients one less thing to worry about by ensuring consistent care throughout organizations and transitions.

What’s New in Clinical Procedure Manual, 21st Edition

The CPM is reviewed biannually to ensure its content meets current professional guidelines and best practices to support providers to deliver the best care possible to patients. This year, exclusive to the VNAA printed manual, VNAA has extended specialty procedures, such as basic nursing skills, infection control and management, mother and baby care and assessment, and more. This printed edition will also include expanded sections for pediatric care, end-of-life care, emphasis on patient education, and comprehensive approaches to technical skills.

The 21st Edition CPM is the first edition developed in partnership with Elsevier Publishing company, a leading information and analytics business. This partnership marries the most well-known, high-quality organizations in health care to deliver a comprehensive, educational experience for clinicians. Elsevier is an established publisher best known for their Mosby Series of Nursing. Their global reach spans all professional settings, and they offer the capacity for versatile digital content. The partnership blends the strengths of both organizations to offer the best to clinicians everywhere.

New to the 21st Edition—What’s Inside the Digital

As a result of the Elsevier/VNAA collaboration, the 21st Edition CPM is also offered as an interactive, digital manual. This allows for professionals in patients’ homes to access the best clinical guidance exactly when and where they need it. The CPM is aligned with other manuals from Elsevier so clinicians can connect practices across all settings.

This standardized digital manual comes with a full suite of professional development tools, including the option to print, CEUs, videos, pictorial guides and more. Most importantly, this new digital edition will connect directly to hospital procedure manuals, ensuring alignment across systems.

The online manual is fully mobile on all handheld devices and can be integrated into existing applications, ensuring smooth connectivity and consistency in procedures and patient care, from home to hospital.

New to the 21st Edition—Exclusive Print Content

The print manual provides access to exclusive new sections, including:

  • Basic nursing skills
  • Infection control, planning, and management
  • Laboratory and IV medications
  • Mother and baby care and assessment 
  • Expanded pain section including comfort promotion

New to the print manual:

  • Expanded pediatric section
  • Expanded end-of-life care
  • Greater emphasis on patient education
  • More comprehensive approach to technical skills

View the table of contents and check out a sample procedure.

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Why the CPM is Important

As the practice of in-home clinical care continues to evolve, the CPM provides an invaluable resource for common practice and learning. While the health care industry faces changes with billing systems and COPs, it is important to stay focused on optimal patient care. The CPM offers clinicians the resources to provide consistent care while maintaining compliance, with a learning method for everyone. By maintaining an increasing emphasis on quality of care with measurable outcomes, patients have the comfort that their providers are proving consistency in their technical skills and quality of care.