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Step into a Safe Bathroom

Suppliers offer support and encouragement to providers entering the bath safety sector

Using Leadership to Maximize Cash and Efficiencies

Understand the nuts and bolts of your HME operation to improve functionality

Techniques that Work

How to apply store fixturing to establish a successful retail environment

Reimbursement Processes

Monitor these metrics to foster a proactive, hands-on collections management style

Identifying Needs for Suitable Entry Access

Don’t let your customers gamble on the right solution

Audit Reform in Washington

Take advantage of the tools at your disposal to make your claims easier

Individual Perspectives

Tommy Neal, Professional Runner, Team Novo Nordisk

Marketing for Home Accessibility

Three essential questions to answer before you get started

Addressing Seating and Mobility for the Geriatric Population

Senior mobility goals include safety, independence and proper support

Orthopedic Soft Goods 
Empower Consumers

These cash-sale items can boost profitability and support new business

Due Diligence, Accreditation 
and Consistent Vision

Creating and using a compliance program can help identify your company’s values

Content is King

Producing relevant, timely and valuable information for your website

A New Republican 
Health Care Alternative

Review the key titles in the Patient Choice, Affordability, Responsibility and Empowerment Act

Find the Perfect Fit with Compression

All customers can benefit from improved circulation

Create Effective Promotional Pieces with These Tips

These pointers will help you get exactly what you want out of your publicity efforts

Monitoring and 
PERS in Retail Produce Profits

Tap into this lucrative market

Breathe New Life into Respiratory with Better Marketing Efforts

Introduce new programs and promote your new product lines