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A New Way with Oxygen

Helping HME providers breathe easy

Finding Solutions for Growing Your Footcare Business

As at-home care becomes more of a focus for consumers, the industry is shifting from the prescription pad to the HME store aisle

Take a Proactive Approach to Caregiving

Use new technology to detect issues before a crisis occurs

Reaching the Market

How to effectively access the aging-in-place demographic

Major Medicare Payment Changes on the Horizon

Look for these modifications to take effect in 2015 and 2016

Preventing Health Care Fraud

Costs are directly impacted by Medicare fraud, and consumers are the ones who suffer

Your Store is Ready...Are You?

After the products are displayed and the marketing plan is finalized, it's time to make sure your staff is fully prepared for customers

You’ve Been Served

Though far from common, OIG subpoenas are increasingly appearing in DMEPOS locations

Making the Transition from Post-Acute Care to Home Care

Special services and facilities give patients control over long-term health issues

Reaching Further

It's time to involve consumer advocates in the struggle over competitive bidding

Award-Winning Products to Push Retail Sales

HomeCare sponsors New Product Showcase and Innovative Retail Awards at Medtrade 2014

Profiting from a Retail State of Mind

Questions and answers to help you run a smooth and successful retail business

Building a Referral Network Within Legal Guidelines

Referrals are the lifeblood of HME providers, but federal and state statutes establish careful parameters around these relationships

Home Care is the Future of Health Care

Policy discussions cement the move toward this trend

Respond Effectively to Employee Disappointment

Workplace frustration is inevitable. The real issue is how leaders respond to it.

6 Steps to Generate Website Leads

It is surprisingly easy to bring in buyers with these tips

Why You Need a Chief Sales Officer

This critical role adds dimension to strategic development decisions

What Style Executive Are You?

You may know your industry well, but learning about yourself is just as important

The 5 Percent Transaction

Entering competitive bidding after the fact

Increase Your Retail Offerings

Introduce add-on sales to your retail program to boost your bottom line
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