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The Rate Reality

In addition to changing rates in non-bid locations, CMS plans to lower certain rates based on regional calculations, all under the guise of streamlining the bid program

2015 Salary Survey Outcome

How your company's payment structure and benefits compare with other providers

Attracting On-the-Go Mobile Shoppers

Today's best practices to drive customers to your website and, ultimately, your store

It's All About Attitude

Support your associations and change your outlook heading to Medtrade Spring

5 Reasons to Invest in the DME Market Now

These points will provide a guide as you consider potential investments

New Challenges, New Opportunities

Lead the way through the changing regulatory landscape with new technology developments

Reviewing a Successful 2014

A look at what we accomplished last year and our plans for the upcoming one

A Booming Market Creates Opportunity

As more baby boomers reach the geriatric age, there is a growing shift toward home care options in lieu of more traditional care facilities and nursing homes

An Aging-in-Place Game Plan

How to put into action your strategy for building business through home modification

Portable Oxygen: Prior-to-Delivery Requirements

Identify potential problems at the source

A Guide to Getting Paid

The new generation of billing technology is sleeker, more intuitive and vastly more efficient

Competitive Bidding and Bundling Final Rule

What’s next, and can we advance a better alternative?

10 Characteristics of the Best Leaders

Employees look for specific traits in their superiors

The Scope of an Appropriate Program

An effective compliance program can do wonders for your business

Surviving Additional Documentation Requests

These audits may seem inevitable, but denials do not have to be part of the equation

Analyze Your Retail Success

These nine metrics will help you understand how a sales plan is best working in your business

Commit to Customer Service

Motivate employees to deliver their best every day

9 Rules for Product Marketing

Before taking on an additional product line or market segment, it pays to conduct due diligence

A New Way with Oxygen

Helping HME providers breathe easy

Finding Solutions for Growing Your Footcare Business

As at-home care becomes more of a focus for consumers, the industry is shifting from the prescription pad to the HME store aisle
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