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Funding the Accessibility Solution

Providers must develop relationships with banks and equipment financing companies to stay competitive

Why Your DME Business Evaluation is All Wrong

How to really measure the worth of your business

5 Steps to Audit-Proof Every Claim

Be proactive to avoid unnecessary delay

Ensure a Successful Data Migration

Research and planning are key when overcoming technical challenges

Evaluating for Fall and Injury Prevention

Walk through a home’s hazard areas to help provide the best solutions

Cash Becoming New King of Power Wheelchair Market

Providers are relying less on traditional sources of insurance reimbursement

Seven Tips for Hiring Top Players

Look outside your industry for motivated, goal-oriented employees

A Crash Course in Convention Networking

Large-scale events offer several opportunities to maximize exposure

Home Access Solutions

Hone the customer service skills that will help identify the needs of prospective clients

Five Public Speaking Fundamentals for Business Owners

Boost your brand behind the microphone

Lifts and Transfer Devices Raise Cash Sales Opportunities

Industry experts say the cash market for these items is already good—and will only get better

Driving Traffic to Create Success

Just because you built it doesn’t mean they will come

Celebrating One Year

Perspective on the past 12 months of service with the American Association for Homecare

Medtrade Brings Fresh Ideas and Opportunity

An important fall gathering for providers will energize you with new plans for the future

Making the Kitchen Safe for Seniors

After removing basic obstacles, the cooking space should be the next room you tackle when creating a home that is suitable for aging in place

Improving the Medicare DME Bidding Program

Answers to key questions about the legislation that will bring some relief to the bidding process

Legal Solutions for Rule Overload

Use your compliance program to solve problems and pursue opportunities

Reduce Your Denials

Take action and reap major rewards for your company